Smoke Alarm/Battery Replacement Program

In recent years, home fires have killed approximately 3,000 people and have injured
approximately 20,000 in the United States. Three-fifths of America's home-fire fatalities have occurred in homes without smoke alarms. More than half of all fatal fires happen at night. A household smoke alarm can mean the difference between life and death. Fire deaths are not usually from the fire itself but from the smoke the fire produces.

It is the goal of the Rockton Fire Protection District to have working smoke alarms in every home within the district boundaries. This program will assist and provide a higher level of service to our residents. The safety of our residents is and has always been our priority.

When members of the fire district respond to an emergency call, they can check the smoke alarms within the home and replace batteries to ensure proper working condition. If the home does not have a working smoke alarm, the fire district will install one at NO COST to our residents. The fire district just received a grant from Illinois Public Risk Fund for $2400.00 to support the program. These monies will be utilized for the purchase of UL approved smoke alarms and replacement batteries.

The fire district responded to over 1100 incidents in 2011. As years go by, our calls for service have increased. Since many emergencies occur within the home, it is an opportunity for the fire district to provide this much needed service.

For more information about the Rockton Fire Protection District's Smoke Alarm/Battery Replacement Program, you can contact the station during business hours at (815)624-6010.